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2m 3f - Bernard, Marjorie, Kate, Jessica, Malcolm

"...can only be described as hilarious..." (Amateur Stage)

Productions in Britain and Canada

It's a hot summer's night and Bernard's stomach ache and his abiding hatred of a cooing pigeon combine to keep his whole family awake. When he determines to track the pigeon to its lair, his daughter's fiance and the next door neighbour become entangled in his growing fixation. Eventually the police are called, and Bernard has to face the consequences - and the wrath of his long-suffering wife.

 Spotlight Publications   ISBN 978-1-904930-81-6



4f - Mrs Lightfoot, Constable Boulter, Mrs Freebody, Constable Cadbury

"...highly entertaining plot..." (Amateur Stage)

Mrs Lightfoot's husband and twelve children disappear. The police investigate, and are about to charge her next door neighbour with kidnapping, body-snatching and mass murder when the truth is revealed.

New Theatre Publications ISBN 978-1-84094-302-3



3f - Jan, Meg, Tara

"a fun choice for the Festival circuit from one of Scotland's most prolific playwrights." (SCDA Scene magazine)

On a singles night three young women are trapped in the Ladies Room. They suffer mishaps, misfortunes and misunderstandings before they eventually manage to escape - but there's one more mishap!

*Festival Awards* Ury Players Cowie Youth - 2015 SCDA Aberdeen District Festival Best Youth Performance.Abbey Players -2015 AETF Leicester and Rutland Festival - Best Stage Presentation,nominated for Best Director and Best Actress. Abbey Players -2015 AETF Hastilow Festival - Best All Female Cast.

Silvermoon Publishing ISBN 978-1-910457-02-3



Horror comedy : 3m 7f 1m/f : Jonathan Harker, Young Woman/Second Bride, Count Dracula, Mina Murray, Lucy Westenra, First Bride, Third Bride, Mrs Swales, Arthur Holmwood, Mrs Westenra, Doctor van Helsing. (Doctor van Helsing can be m or f. Mrs Swales and Mrs Westenra can be doubled.)

Loosely based on Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. Jonathan Harker visits Transylvania to meet Count Dracula. When he returns to his fiancée Mina in England he's a changed man. When Dracula also arrives in England, Mina’s best friend Lucy Westenra mysteriously becomes ill. Doctor van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases, is sent for. The Doctor suspects Dracula of being the cause of Lucy’s illness and determines to track the evil Count to his lair. After much confusion – and a great deal of hilarity - Dracula is defeated.

Formerly published as "Love Bites" by Silvermoon Publishing

Available soon from Spotlight Publications



3m 3f - Henry King, Eleanor King, Polly, Sally Knight, Toby Barron, Tom Becket

"...highly entertaining..." (Amateur Stage) "crackles along ... very enjoyable" (Waddington Dramatic Society)

Henry King is furious that his Cathedral Players haven’t won a trophy at any drama festival since the defection of Tom Becket to their great rivals - Priest’s Drama Club. Sally Knight and Toby Barron decide to do something about it, and Tom Becket disappears.

New Theatre Publications   ISBN 978-1-84094-362-7



3f 1m - Tamara, Tania, Tim, Tilly

Tim has brought Tania to the pub to propose to her, but Tania is more interested in texting her best friend Tilly. Barmaid Tamara decides to take a hand and things come to a head. Tilly arrives, Tim takes a stand, Tania storms out – and Tamara takes charge. No Problem.

Formerly published as "No Problem" by Silvermoon Publishing

Available soon from Spotlight Publications



Melodrama : 4m 5f - Lady Pinchbeck, Lamprey, Squire Buzzard, Prudence, Gerald, Sergeant Quickly, Gosling, Charity, Constable Muggins

"a combination of superb comedy and fast action melodrama" (Menorca Charity Players)

Penniless Lady Pinchbeck wants to acquire Charity's inheritance. Squire Buzzard wants to win the hand of Prudence, but she loves Gerald, so Buzzard is plotting to discredit his rival. Lamprey has schemes of her own, and when Sergeant Quickly and Constable Muggins investigate, suspicion falls on Gerald. After a great deal of confusion and a lot of hilarity, Prudence takes a hand and everything is resolved.

*Festival Awards* Hall Players:- 2008 Preston Festival Adjudicator's Award (Kath Dobson as Lamprey) - also nominated for Best Production, Best Performance, Best Director and Individual Achievement Awards. 

Spotlight Publications  ISBN 978-1-904930-87-7  



Black Comedy : 2m 8f 8m/f variable; can be played by 2m 2f 2m/f with doubling and trebling. Harold, Mrs Prince, Reporter, Sally's Mum, Irate Man, Irate Woman, Headteacher, Headteacher 2, Headteacher 3, Barbara, Drama Teacher 1, Drama Teacher 2, Penelope, Valerie, Maureen, Pathologist, DI Gillespie, DS Barnes  

"...enjoyable comedy, with a touch of dark humour..." (Scene)
"Not a piece for those of faint heart!" (Amateur Stage)

Mrs Prince makes her son a cloak for his birthday. Harold is captivated, and bites a girl at his birthday party. He embarks on a career as a vampire, and his reign as the self-styled Prince of Darkness begins. As Harold grows older, he and his mother encounter horrified parents and a succession of angry teachers, until his fumbling attempts at seduction lead to the deaths of a number of women. This eventually results in Harold's downfall and his inevitable destruction in the traditional vampire manner. 

New Theatre Publications   ISBN 978-1-84094-284-2



Two nonsensical and hilarious adventures of Victorian explorer Sir Henry Nearly. The plays can be performed separately or together or in combination with 'Nearly Pulls It Off' and/or 'Nearly Up A Gum Tree'.

"...a cross between Victorian Melodrama, Monty Python and the Goon Show" (Buckinghamshire Free Press) "'s hard to explain the plot, as quite frankly, it's far too silly to have one. The plays have the same line of humour as Monty Python and Spike Milligan" (Sarah Golding, director of Two Tall Tales, St Peter Players - see her production picture below)

NEARLY UP THE POLE : 2m 3f 3m/f. Narrator, Henry, Mortimer, Henrietta, Aurora, Goudeau, Rowff, Voice Off

The intrepid adventurer and his sidekick Mortimer Leeveme set out on a expedition to find the Pole – any Pole. Led by expedition expediter Jules Goudeau (aka as Jessie Boggs) and hampered by husky Rowff, they merely encounter Henry’s indomitable wife Henrietta and his irritating daughter Aurora.

Productions in Britain and Canada

*Festival Awards*
Northern Lights Academy:- 2013 Newfoundland and Labrador High School Festival Best Comedic Duo (Josh Adams as Henry & Robert Jacque as Mortimer), Best Ensemble, and Best Directing Award (Sarah Oldford).

NEARLY ALL AT SEA : 3m 3f 2m/f. Narrator, Henry, Mortimer, Henrietta, Aurora, Cap’n Codfish, Barnacle, Voice Off

The hapless pair set sail on a voyage of discovery with Cap’n Codfish and Barnacle the Mate. Unluckily for them, the fabulous island they discover is simply the Isle of Wight, now inhabited by the vindictive Henrietta and irksome Aurora.

Spotlight Publications   ISBN  978-1-907307-17-1



Two more improbable and implausible stories featuring Victorian explorer Sir Henry Nearly. The plays can be performed separately or together or in combination with 'Nearly Up The Pole' and/or 'Nearly All At Sea'.

NEARLY PULLS IT OFF : 3m 3f 3m/f. Narrator, Henry, Mortimer, Henrietta, Aurora, Tiger, Cap'n Codfish, Barnacle, Voice Off

Intrepid adventurer Sir Henry Nearly and his incompetent associate Mortimer Leeveme set out with bungling Cap’n Codfish and feisty Barnacle the Mate on a quest to find the Lost Temple of Howjahdoodah. Followed by Henry’s indomitable wife Henrietta, Mortimer’s sweetly silly wife Aurora and a Tiger who thinks it’s a rug, they manage to find the Lost Temple – or do they?

NEARLY UP A GUM TREE : 3m 3f 3m/f. Narrator, Henry, Mortimer, Henrietta, Aurora, Kitty, Queenie, Tweenie, Voice Off

The heroic explorer and his gallant follower explore a desolate wilderness which bears a striking resemblance to the shrubbery at the bottom of Henry’s garden. With Henry’s authoritarian wife Henrietta, Mortimer’s innocently trusting wife Aurora, Queenie the cook and Tweenie the maid hot on their trail, they make an exciting discovery.

Spotlight Publications   ISBN  978-1-907307-54-6



Scots Comedy : 4m 1f 5m/f variable; can be played by a cast of 5 and a dummy with doubling and trebling. Eck, Erchie, Euphemia, Minister, Farmer, Tanner, Souter, Hostler, Doctor, Herd, Granny (a dummy)

Penniless farmer Eck lives by his wits, making money with a series of crafty ploys involving such characters as an amorous wife, her jealous husband, and a ardent minister. When envious Erchie tries to copy Eck's get-rich-quick schemes he fails miserably and determines to dispose of his rival. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's 'Little Claus and Big Claus' and written in broad Scots, the ever-escalating competition between the two bitter adversaries provides uproarious and hilarious entertainment.

Spotlight Publications  ISBN 978-0-9560209-4-9  


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