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"...ever in demand for festival productions..." (Amateur Stage)



3m 2f 1m/f can play 3m 4f 6m/f - John, Ellen, Doctor, G.P., Head Teacher, Old Woman, First Nurse, Second Nurse, Father-in-law, Patient, Man in Wheelchair, Mother, Jane. Can be played with a minimum cast of 3m 2f 1m/f as many characters make one short appearance only - for example, the GP, Old Woman, 1st Nurse, Mother and Jane can be played by one f; Head-teacher, Father-in-law, 2nd Nurse, Patient, and the Man in wheelchair can be played by one m. Other variations in casting are possible.

performed on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2001
"…a chilling study of schizophrenia…” (Literary Director, Traverse Theatre)
"...intensely and emotionally gripping..." (Amateur Stage)

John is diagnosed as schizophrenic. His doctor seems baffled by his illness, he suffers torment in hospital, and his relationship with his wife deteriorates. Only his death can bring release from his pain. An ideal festival play.

New Theatre Publications   ISBN 978 1 84094 276 7



5m 2f - Annie, Gordon, Mike, Kath, Neil, Mr Douglas, Principal 

An enthusiastic lecturer decides to improve communication among staff and enlists the help of a colleague to re-arrange the chairs in the staff-room - with unforeseen consequences.

New Theatre Publications   ISBN 978 1 84094 302 3 



Adapted from the Charles Dickens story.

One New Year’s Eve, Trotty Veck is filled with gloom at reports in the newspaper about crime and immorality, and comes to wonder if the working class is wicked by nature. His doubts increase when encounters with Alderman Cute and MP Joseph Bowley make his daughter Meg and her fiancé Richard doubtful about their forthcoming marriage, and confirm that the poor are ungrateful and have no place in society. Meeting homeless vagrant Will Fern and his orphaned niece Lilian, Trotty offers them his hospitality. That night Trotty is summoned to the church by the Bells, who in a series of visions show him how dismal the future is, with Richard becoming an alcoholic, Lilian descending into prostitution, and Meg eventually driven to contemplate suicide. In despair, Trotty confesses to all his doubts. He wakes to find that the visions are only dreams, and that the New Year has dawned happily.

Spotlight Publications  ISBN: 978 1 907307 63 8 



Adapted from the Charles Dickens story.

Ebenezer Scrooge is only interested in making money, and sees Christmas as merely an excuse for idleness and the expectation of charity. His former business partner Jacob Marley appears to him in ghostly form, warning Scrooge that if he continues in his avaricious ways he’ll be unable to escape a miserable fate. That night, Scrooge is visited by the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Glimpses of his past life as a young man, visits to the happy households of his clerk and his nephew, and fearful visions of the future persuade Scrooge to change his covetous nature.

Spotlight Publications  ISBN: 978 1 907307 62 1



Adapted from the Charles Dickens story

John Peerybingle has a much younger wife, Dot. When a mysterious stranger arrives, John comes to suspect that Dot and the newcomer are secret lovers. Meanwhile, Caleb Plummer’s blind daughter Bertha, in love with Caleb’s tight-fisted employer Tackleton, learns that Tackleton is about to marry her friend May Fielding. Then John makes a discovery that seems to confirm his suspicions. The cricket on the hearth, considered by Dot to be her home’s guardian angel, attempts to dismiss John’s doubts with a series of visions. Eventually it’s revealed that the mysterious stranger is Caleb’s missing son Edward in disguise, who has returned to claim his childhood sweetheart May. Thanks to Dot’s intervention, Edward marries May, Tackleton gives his blessing to the marriage, and John and Dot are finally reconciled.

Spotlight Publications  ISBN: 978 1 907307 64 5



4m 5f - Jack, Doyle, Helen, Janet, Sharon, Craig, Leanne, Tracey, Darren

*Writing Award Winner* - runner-up in the Open Section of the 2002 Scottish Community Drama Association Play on Words playwriting competition

"...a tragic tale...emotionally engaging..." (Scene) " engaging play which should appeal to amateur groups throughout the UK...we have no hesitation in commending this fine piece of theatre to those who look for a play with a 'bit more meat on the bone'. (Amateur Stage)

*Festival Awards* Glanmire Macra: 2008 Macra na Feirme Cork winners; Macra na Feirme All-Ireland Semi-Final winners, Best Supporting Actress (Orla Ryng) & Best Supporting Actor (Killian Woods); 2008 Macra na Feirme All-Ireland Final

It's the end of term and Mr Mac just wants to go home - but his department head demands he consider early retirement, a colleague asks him to alter examination results, he misunderstands the motives of one of his students, and is assaulted in his class-room.

New Theatre Publications  ISBN 978 1 84094 473 0



3f - Primrose, Young Primrose, Mother

"A beautifully written, poignant drama with ideal festival potential" (Scene)

Primrose Way, an ageing bag lady, was once a professional actress. She reminisces about her enthusiastic youthful self and retraces her career in the theatre, remembering her ambitious mother, herself a professional actress, who delights in playing a number of other characters who drift through Primrose's recollections.

This poignant drama is an ideal festival play for three women of varying ages.

*Festival Awards* McGavin Drama Club:- 2013 Ayrshire District Festival - Second Place & Best Lighting. Tudor Players:- 2013 Sheffield & District Theatre Association Festival - Second Place, Best Actress (Edwina Gascoyne as Primrose), Most Promising Under 21 Performance (Charlotte Gascoyne as Young Primrose) plus nominations for Best Actress (Mother) and Best Director. Sedgefield Players:- 2014 Sedgefield Festival - Best Production, Best Director (Thomas Guest), Best Actress (Viv Jacobs as Mother) plus nominations for Best Actress (Primrose), Best U21 Actress (Young Primrose), Best Costume, Best Set and Most Effective 30 Seconds.

Samuel French Ltd   ISBN 978 0 573 1298 8

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'"The Mazarin Stone" and "The Man Who Collected Women" combine the virtues of effective drama and fidelity to their sources' (The District Messenger - the newsletter of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London)


5m 2f - Holmes, Watson, Damery, Gruner, Shinwell, Kitty, Violet 

"The adaptation could not be in safer hands than those of Ron Nicol…”  (Amateur Stage)

An adaptation of "The Illustrious Client" from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes.’ When the unscrupulous Baron Gruner persuades impressionable heiress Violet de Merville to marry him, Sir James Damery approaches Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Doctor Watson for help. With the assistance of his underworld contact Shinwell Johnson and the Baron's discarded mistress Kitty Winter, Holmes comes up trumps. Despite being assaulted and left for dead, he steals Gruner's diary of conquests and prevents the Baron adding to his collection of betrayed women - while Kitty takes her own drastic revenge.

New Theatre Publications   ISBN 978 1 84094 319 1


5m 1f - Holmes, Watson, Mrs Hudson, Sylvius, Sam, Cantlemere

"...a cracking yarn..." (Amateur Stage)

From 'The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes'. When master criminal Count Sylvius steals a fabulous diamond, Holmes is determined to recover the jewel.

New Theatre Publications   ISBN 978 1 84094 335 1



3m 3f 1m/f 1n/s - Alec, Jonah, Janet, Mike, Senga, Jez, Adviser, Client

Jonah feels that life is treating him harshly and decides to speak out. He acquires a gun and makes a stand in his local Jobcentre, hoping to attract attention and somehow change his life. His attempt is a total disaster, simply confirming that Jonah is condemned to be one of life's perpetual losers.

 Spotlight Publications  ISBN: 978 1 907307 07 2


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